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AirGap Solution AirGap-ReadyOffline Backup System

AirGap Offline Data Protection

In this Transformative Age, every business is now digital. Organizations investment in cybersecurity defense and threat detection. There have been too many well-known and worldwide cyber attacks to assume otherwise.

The AirGap offline protection solution is the last line of data protection. It is used when all recovery methods become powerless and cannot be recovered. An offline Isolation technology architecture is required to ensure that it can be restored cleanly data in any worst-case.

AirGap Solution
AirGap Solution

Our solution

The idea is simple: secure point-in-time copies of vital enterprise data are kept in a vaulted environment. The vaulted environment is typically isolated from the main production network. The vault is connected to the production environment on a periodic basis, through restricted connections to make point-in-time copies of enterprise data. During a recovery, these solutions only allow access to protected data through a physical presence in the vault, thus protecting the vault from any malicious code that may be spreading throughout the network.

  • Monitoring the Honeypot File

    Software automatically detects the presence of Ransomware on your client computers using the honeypot file method. The Ransomware check happens once in 4 hours.
  • Detecting File Anomalies On Client Computers

    File activities on the client computer are checked every 5 minutes and any abnormal activity is reported to the administrator by an alert and event. For the first 7 days, the client computer is monitored and analyzed for day to day activity. After 7 days, a base line of file activities is established and alerts and events are sent to the administrator when a large number of abnormal file activities are detected.
  • Random Port Opening Times

    The backup schedule is almost fixed and cannot be changed. When the hacker learns the backup time of the backup main work area, he will pretend to be various viruses and invade the backup space. The irregular storage technology is specially developed, which can greatly reduce the risk of ransomware infection and accelerate the data after deduplication, with sufficient and perfect efficiency in backup.
  • DR-site Control Over Data

    In the past, the main activity in the production site was the main transmission master. AirGap reversed it, allowing the DR (Disaster Recovery) backup area to be the master. Through all the previous methods, the backup area has the right to select data to avoid abnormalities, avoid abnormal data.
  • Zero Trust Concept

    Arrosoft AirGap system controls permissions. No AD, No Router, No DNS. Viruses do not have permission to enter. The world's latest enterprise zero-trust concept and permissionless design create the cleanest and purest backup space for precious data.
  • Multifactor Authentication Based

    Arrosoft AirGap allow restores to be performed from this environment only based on multifactor authentication, otherwise there is no way to access or perform restore from AirGap environment. AirGap software module integrates with existing enterprise backup platforms via a secured, encrypted tunnel. We replicate the data using the backup platform commands & store the data in a secured isolated disk target using the data mover server also present in the isolated environment.

AIRGAP Leads Global Deployment

The offline backup function of AirGap complete backup software brand completely replaces the tape characteristics. Confirms the recoverability of all data, and achieves the purest isolation! Easily install and deploy, leverages Honeypot to detect virus files, cut off the connection between the main body and remote backup, and random port opening times, so that you no longer have to worry about backup or DR backup being threatened by any ransomware.

If you have used tapes in the past, you have already experienced backups that cannot be fully restored. AirGap takes the lead in global deployment, 100% disconnection isolation for backup data. It can be loaded on various backup platforms, clouds, and destinations without restriction. Since Arrosoft AIRGAP works with major enterprise data protection platforms, it compliment existing data protection investement.

Recommended server spec

Virtual serverAir Gap Proxy ServerAir Gap Media Agent Server
CPUvCPU 4vCPU 8 ~ 12
Memory24 GB32 GB ~ 64GB
Network2 * 10Gbps1 * 10Gbps
Disk space250 GB250 GB
Backup Index-Depends on data capacity ( 500Gb to 2TB )
DDB-Depends on data capacity ( 500Gb to 2TB )
OSWindows 2016 or LinuxWindows 2016 or Linux

There will be different solutions according to different situations, please contact us.